2017 Prediction

Luck always change with the dimension of time. In the perspective of Chinese metaphysics, we understand that there are several dimensions of time in which we can progress in terms of finance which is very unusual, but at another time dimension, we will not make any progress even though we’ve tried hard. What makes you lucky today, is not necessarily going to happen in 20 years in the future.

Calendar is a timepiece that is very useful for humans. With the calendar, humans can perform a wide range of planning for the various activities that can be done.

The dimension of time in the days of ancient China is using a highly complex system compared to the calendar system in Western countries. Gregorian calendar system used by us every day is a calendar system that uses the sun as the basis for calculation. The ancient Chinese calendar has two types, one that is based on the movement of the moon, while others are based on the direction of the rotation of the earth around the sun and the seasons.

Chinese New Year celebrations and other festivals usually use lunar calendar while feng shui and farming activities in the days of ancient China mostly use the solar calendar.

The solar calendar system always starts from the beginning of Spring, which usually begins around the 4th or 5th of February. Information of year, month, day and hour of this calendar system use the five basic elements i.e. wood, fire, earth, metal and water, in which each basic element is divided into two due to the elements of yin and yang in each element. Each year, month, day and hour pillar is represented by two energy or qi (氣), namely Heavenly Stem on top and Earthly Branches on below.



2017 is a year with Yin Fire (丁 Ding) as Heavenly Stem, while at the Earthly Braches is the energy of Yin Metal (酉 You). As we know that fire is used to melt the metal, so it can be said this year was a year of conflict. Although both Yin element, but the conflict in 2017 is quite big. Conflicts may be due to internal conflicts like disagree on something up to the worst like war. 2017 is precisely began on February 3, 2017 at 23:33 (GMT+8).

As we know, fire when it is small, we can still control it, but when it has burst out into a large scale, it is hard to handle and it will burn whatever around. This Ding Fire is illustrated as a candle. Due to its burning nature, year of 2017 is prone to fire and explosion hazards.

The nature of the flame is inherently unstable and easily influenced by the ambient air, so the flame in here sometimes we associate with unstable emotions. For those who are emotional, then in this year they should be really keep down their emotions especially for those who have a tendency of heart disease and high blood pressure.

The ancient Chinese calendar goes in a 60-year cycle, and this mean that events of 1957 could occur in 2017 but at different locations with almost the same level severity. In 1957, we still remember that there was an explosion of gas in Virginia coal mine that killed nearly 37 people, a fire at a nursing home in Missouri with deaths toll reaching up to 72 people; then the incidence of bomb weighing 42,000 pounds accidentally plunged near Albuquergue, New Mexico.

The five basic elements mentioned above could represent different parts of the organ in our body and everything that exists in nature. The five element is influenced by the productive cycle (red arrow) and the destructive cycle (yellow arror). Metal represents the lungs, so for those whose lungs are vulnerable, will be susceptible to diseases such as lung infection or cancer to a much worse condition. Preventive measures can be carried out like doing flu vaccination, etc.

Our feeling is also influenced by the five elements above. Metal symbolizes sadness, wood anger, water fear, fire excitement and earth contemplation. Strong fire in 2017 will evoke a spirit of speculation and a sense of optimism in the people, so we will see that in this year as well as 2016, the stock market will improve. Improvement will not occur every month, because in certain months, the market will be badly volatile, especially when entering the months of autumn and winter (August 2017 – January 2018).

Rooster 酉 2017 representing romance star (Tao Hua 桃花) which is shining and 酉 itself symbolizes the entertainment industry, so this industry will grow well in this year.

2017 will also be a good year for the airline because airline business is categorized as fire element. Problems in flight, such as problems at the airport or on the flight itself will be reduced.

The industrial sector that will grow well in rooster year is the industry that is related to water and fire. Fire-related industries such as restaurant, aviation, advertising, catering, gasoline, beauty, electronics, lighting equipment; and water-related industries such as freight forwarders, transport, travel agency, spa, tourism, frozen food, liquid products, etc. will make progress and make a profit. The wood-related industry such as fashion, school, wooden handicrafts, pharmaceuticals, will have an increase in creativity but does not provide financial benefits.

Metal 酉 symbolizes small metal such as a small knife, so within this year the increasing trend of hand and foot injuries that require surgery will increase.

In this Rooster year 2017, calamity star 5 (five yellow) will be in the Southern sector. If the door or your bedroom is located in this sector, then you can slip a round-shaped metal plate below your carpet or placemat foot or you can install wind chimes made of metal in this sector. The worst months in 2017 are March, May, September, and December.

Star 2 or star of the sickness, will be in the Northwest sector, and to address the affected sectors by star 2, it is advisable to install six ancient metal coins tied with a red thread. Bad months are February, June, September, and November.

As for the danger of fire or fire explosion in 2017 fall in the Northwest region within a country in a large scope or the Northwest region in the world, Northwest sectors in a single unit residential or business, especially in February and November.

Star 3 symbolizing the conflict and robbery were in the West sector. To neutralize the effect of this star 3, you can put a pot made of porcelain or objects from clay in this sector. Scandal star or star 7 fall in the Southwest sector, to address them you can put a bottle glass with salt water.

Those born in the year of rooster, it is not advisable to travel directly toward the Grand Duke of Jupiter (Tai Sui 太岁) which falls in West 2 sector (262.5° to 277.5°) and also advised to avoid climbing the mountain if they have a hobby like that. The sector is also not good for digging or doing construction work. Sui Po 岁 破 in 2017 is located in the East 2 sector (82.5° to 97.5°). Three killer (San sha) in rooster year will fall on the Northeast 3 up to Southeast 1 sector (52.5° to 127.5°). You should never sit with your back against San Sha unfortunate energy. In all these three sectors of Tai Sui, Sui Po and San Sha, you are forbidden to do any renovation except for urgent matters and must be done by selecting a good day and hour by an expert to avoid any problem.

Finally, I would like to wish you a Happy New Year of Fire Rooster, and hopefully all of you are blessed with luck, wealth and health in this year.