Chinese solar calendar is called Hsia Calendar. It is also called as the Farmers Calendar because at that time mostly people work as a farmers in China and they rely on this calendar to understand how to plan their plant within the four seasons. The starting point of Hsia Calendar is not the same as the Gregorian Calendar which falls on the 1st January every year. This Chinese solar calendar emphasized on the four seasons – Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. The starting day of Spring is the starting year of the Hsia Calendar.

This amazing calendar was invented by the Yellow Emperor in the year of 2697 B.C. This calendar uniqueness is on the composition of the five important elements in each 2 period of hour, day, month and year. The five elements – Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water – are actually representing the basic components of everything in the universe. Hence, we can obviously see what elements are affecting our world on particular time, particular day, particular month, and particular year.



This year of 2016 according to Hsia Calendar, is symbolized by two elements with Fire over Metal (丙申) or the Sun on top of the Iron Metal and it is commence on 4th February 2016 at 9.45 a.m. (GMT +0). If you refer to the Cycle of Destruction that I explained in Four Pillars of Destiny hub, you can understand that the relationship of Fire and Metal are controlling. Fire control the Metal. It is a destructive relationship, a sign of a conflict. The conflict will be bad, because 丙 Yang Fire conflict with 庚 Yang Metal (both are Yang).

Our Chinese Calendar goes on 60-year cycle, 60 years ago of 1956 is also the same Fire over Metal. Several conflicts like Hungarian Uprising of 1956, the bombing by EOKA (Εθνική Οργάνωσις Κυπρίων Αγωνιστών, Ethniki Organosis Kyprion Agoniston = National Organization of Cypriot Fighters), Suez Crisis (Sinai War), are well noted in 1956. A lot of riots also occurred in the Dominion of Ceylon (Gal Oya riots), Hong Kong, Poland (Poznań June), and also Singapore (Singapore Chinese Middle School Students Union-SCMSSU riots) which cause several people killed and more than hundred people injured.

Metal element is related to the lung and the nose, and because Metal in 2016 is restricted or controlled by Fire, take care of your respiratory system well like by getting flu vaccination as a precaution. In early 1956, category 2 flu of Avian influenza outbreak occurred in Guizhou, China. The virus originated from mutation in wild ducks which combine with the pre-existing human strain virus. This outbreak spread to Singapore, Hong Kong and U.S by 1957. Estimates of worldwide deaths vary widely depending on source, ranging from 1 million to 4 million.

Our mood are also represented by these five elements. Metal is grief, wood is anger, water is fear, fire is joy and earth is meditation. Strong fire will stimulate optimism and speculative mentality. Fire element is often the driving force behind the stock market, as wecan see in 2006 and 2007. This is actually well reflected in the stock market. Fire in this year of 2016 will bring happy mood, and we have seen that stock market will be doing well in fire years rather than water years. As we flash back to 1956, the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed above 500 for the first time rising from 2.40 points to 500.24. Stock market in 2016 will be doing a lot better than 2015. Remember, even though the year is good, there are also a bad month. Please do take precaution when entering the month of autumn and winter season when you are trading with stocks.

The 申 Monkey is one of the travelling stars in the Four Pillars of Destiny system. As 申 Monkey (Yang Metal) clash with Tiger 寅 (Yang Wood), this will trigger severe traffic accidents or crashes in the year of 2016 (clash between Yang and Yang). Those who are born in years of Tiger have to be particularly careful in 2016.

In 2016, is a good year for airline business, because airline business is categorized as of fire element, so when fire element comes up, the airline business also do well within this year. There will be a significant reduce in airlines troubled, airports trouble, and airlines maintenance problem.

丙申 can be regarded as the Sun at around 3-5 p.m. (申 hour) – nearly sunset and the Fire is in Sick病 Stage in the 12 Stages of Five Elements, so the Sun is already not to strong or hot. We can expect the weather in this year will be quite good, not too hot and not too cold.

The 申 Monkey is also part of a serious configuration in animal astrology called “Three Fire Penalty”, a configuration formed from 3 animals of 寅 (Yang Wood), 巳 (Yin Fire), and 申 (Yang Monkey) at the same time. Such penalty can also trigger serious events in a person’s life. Penalty is more subtle and hidden in nature. It can be hidden like cancer which is secretly growing inside a person, then on day, the cancer emerged and detected but unfortunately it is already at its terminal stage. This fire penalty is related to blood circulation like heart and blood vessel inflammation. But sometimes penalty can be causing other misfortunes such as scandal, divorce, disasters and even killing. Elvis Priestley died because of the Three Fire Penalty in the Day, Month and Year of the tragedy combined with his Hour and Day Earthly Branches in his Four Pillars.

庚 Yang Metal in 申 Monkey is the quality of a leadership and has a strong sense of justice. They are brave and heroic. As Fire control the Metal in 2016, justice will be restricted by some powerful bodies, we will see a lot of injustice cases occurred like overturn conviction, criminal  injustice, etc. Legal business will also be affected because legal business is also considered a 庚 Yang Metal.

The Five basic elements represent different parts of our body and they are also the basic components of everything in our universe, hence our body and an internal organs are also composed of the five elements. They are also governed by the law of the five elements, cycle of destruction and cycle of birth. Metal are represented in our body as lung, skin, nose, colon, and teeth. 丙申 year will bring more skin problems, teeth problems, colon problems (e.g. colon inflammation), or breathing organ problems.

In 2016, the feng shui flying star number 2 (earth element) is in the center. Center number often reflects the focus of events prevailing in the year. 2 represent sickness, as we trace back in 2007 on which the center number is also 2, it is the year of Bernard Matthews H5N1 outbreak. Do take care of your health this year particularly your breathing organ.

In the year of Monkey, the bad energy called “Five Yellow” which symbolize obstacles and misfortunes, fall in the North East sector. If your bed room is located in this sector, it is recommended to put a sealed jar with aquarium salt inside. The worst months will be February, May, July, and November.

The bad star 3 is a star of conflict and robbery. This is represent in the North West of the house this year of 2016. It is necessary to put pottery or porcelain/stone object in this sector to reduce the effect of Aggressive Star 3. Also the bad star 7 which representing scandals is in the North, the traditional solution for scandal star 7 is to put a sealed jar with rock salt in the North location.

Year of 2016 is a year between of the year period from 2004 to 2024 which is called “Age of 8”. Number 8 which represent a Mountain trigram and also young children. This number 8 will always present in the flying star chart within the year of 2004 – 2024. As the number 2 fall in the center this year, it seem there will be more sickness affecting children this monkey year. It will reach the peak when it falls in the month of February, April, August, November 2016, and January 2017. This 申 monkey year will be a year of more problem related to children.

Favorable industrial sectors in 2016 are water and wood industries, as water conquers fire, so the fire is the money symbol to the water industry. Water industry like spa, shipping, transportation, communication, travel agency, fast moving consumer good, frozen foods, etc. will make a lot of money. As for wood industries, wood gives birth to fire and fire represents productivity of wood, this year, it will show strong activity in wood industries – this include fashion, garment, flower shop, wood furniture, school, forestry, textile, paper, media, newspaper, and magazines.

The unfavorable industrial sectors for this monkey year are industries of Metal and Earth. Metal industries like banking, metal furniture, finance, gold traders, engineering, skin care, cars, computer, high tech industries (NASDAQ), etc. and  Earth industry like housing, property, real estate, construction, mining, insurance, hotels, etc. will have a setback in year of 2016. Although there is strong appearance of water inside monkey, it just means that there are more activities but without real substantial money gains.

People who are born in the year of monkey (申) and the year of tiger (寅) are prone to have a lot of movement within this year. One is offending the year monkey (Tai Sui 太岁), and the other is clash 沖 against the monkey (申). For people under the clash, it is recommended to travel more or maybe moving house or changing job. However, for people born in monkey year, it is recommended not to travel directly towards the direction of Grand Duke (Tai Sui 太岁) which in this year falls in South West 3 (232,5° – 247,5°) nor going up to mountain like hiking. It is also not suitable to do any substantial construction work in South West 3 in the year 2016.

As the animal signs can appear in all four pillars of a person’s natal chart, the clash and penalty with monkey 申 can also impact anyone who has such animals (Tiger 寅 and Snake 巳) in the hour, day or month.

Some examples of famous people born in the year of the monkey or under clash and penalty in 2016 are John Travolta, Jodie Foster, Tom Cruise, Celine Dion.

Year Breaker (Sui Po 岁破) of this year is at North East 3 (52,5° – 67,5°). San Sha (Three Killings) location falls in South in 2016. Please do not sit against the San Sha unfavorable energy. I also recommend you not to do any renovations within these 3 areas, San Sha, Tai Sui and Sui Po.

Feng Shui energies change from year to year according to Flying Star Feng Shui. Therefore, I recommend you to watch the changes of the good and bad energies at the beginning of each year to take any necessary precautions.

I would like to close my writing by wishing you a happy and enjoyable Fire Monkey year.