Hsia Calendar of the year of 2014 is the year of Horse (午) with Yang Wood (甲) sitting on top of it. Wood and Fire according to the cycle of birth and destruction, are giving birth elements because Wood produces Fire. Even though Wood and Fire are not conflicting each other, but do remember that Fire when they are too hot, they can also cause Fire problems like gunshot, bomb explosion, forest on fires, etc., so we can expect that this year of 2014 is not a year of low conflict. Horse is an animal that can run at an averages of 40 to 48 kilometres per hour (25 to 30 mph), so we can see that this year there will be some rapid progression in several sectors. Strong fire denotes that there will be optimism mood towards economic growth. Two sectors that shall be prominent this year – Water and Metal Industries. Water Industries like shipping, communication, transportation, trading, frozen food, tourism, laundry, spa, and Metal Industries like metal industry, automobile, mechanic, lawyer, mining, hi-tech, banking, will be prosper within the year of 2014.

The year of 2014 will commences on 4th February 2014 at 6.05 a.m. Having said that, please do remember that our Chinese Calendar is different with the Hsia Calendar which use the solar system while the Chinese Calendar using the lunar system. Although our Chinese New Year falls on 31st January 2014 (1st lunar month), if you are born in between 31st January to 4th February, you doesn’t belong to the Horse year, you still belong to the year of the Snake because year of 2014 commences on 4th February 2014.

The Hsia Calendar goes on 60-year cycle. Which means we share the same experience as in the year of 1954. Year of 1954 is also a year with Yang Wood sitting on top of the Horse. As we go back to 1954,

Beginning of the 寅 month (Feb 4 to Mar 6) up to 卯 month (Mar 6 to Apr 5), the Fire element is getting stronger and stronger. As Fire is getting stronger, Metal is weak, we can expect there will haze problem, lung and small intestine problem rises. History mention that In March of 1954, the French troops begin battle against the Viet Minh (Fire problem). Instead of war, first 12-inch colour TV (Fire element also) is manufactured by RCA.

In the 辰 month (Apr 5 to May 5), we can expect a major earthquake, so please stay away from countries that are prone to earthquake if you plan for a holiday or business trip to these countries.

Next month will be 巳 month (May 5 to Jun 6), the earth will be hurt even more and I predict there will be volcano eruption incident. In health sector, there will be raise in diabetic cases.

Financial stock is represent by Metal since the year of 2000. In the 午 month (Jun 6 to Jul 7), the financial stock will be affected, so please pay extra careful when you want to invest in stock market within this month. This 午 month also we have to be extra careful when driving, because this month also there is a prone of high traffic incident which mostly affected the spine.

In the 申 month (Aug 7 to Sep 8), please pay attention to your health. Do medical check up to avoid heart problem, and in the 酉 month (Sep 8 to Oct 8), there will be health issues on skin.

In 戌 month (Oct 8 to Nov 7), there will be earthquake disaster again, so for those who are planning going to earthquake countries for business or pleasure, please do avoid this month if possible.

As Yang Fire Horse 午 is part of the “Star of Romance” or “Peach Blossom”, we can expect that this year there will be a lots of engagement and joy (fire in the five elements is affecting people’s joy mood). Entertainment industries will be flourish also but the negative impact of Peach Blossom is “sex scandal”. In this year of 2014, we can expect advancement in entertainment industries but unfortunately there will be also lots of sex scandal happening around it.

For those who are born in the 子 Rat year, this year will be a turbulence year because Rat and Horse clash, there will be movement in job or moving house or maybe travel more for people born in the year of the Rat (鼠). Such clash will also cause serious fire and water problem like traffic accident related to air and sea, etc., because Horse represent Fire while Rat represent Water.

People with 午 Horse birth year will also encounter relationship and health problems because 午 Horse see 午 Horse is a self penalty (自刑). Penalty can means disharmony or dislike.

Year of 2014 is a year in between of the year period from 2004 to 2024 which is called “Age of 8” in Flying Stars Feng Shui. Number 8 symbolizes young children will always present in the centre of the flying star chart within the year of 2004 to 2024. That’s why a lot of disaster and misfortune will affect children within these period.

People who are born in the year of Horse are offending the year Horse (Tai Sui 太岁), and people who are born in the year of Rat are Sui Po (岁破) against the year of the Horse. The Grand Duke (Tai Sui太岁) of this year is in South 2 (172.5° – 187.5°); hence it is not suitable to do any substantial construction work in this area for the year 2014. Year Breaker (Sui Po岁破) of this year is North 2 (352.5° – 7.5°). San sha (Three Killings) will be in the direction of North. It is not advisable to do any renovations at these sites – Three Killings (North), Tai Sui (S2), and Sui Po (N2).Do not sit against the Three Killings unfavourable energy. For construction, we must also pay attention not to disturb the 辰 sector (112,5° – 127,5°) and 巳 sector (142,5° – 157,5°).

In the year of Horse, the bad energy called “Five Yellow” – symbolizing obstacles and misfortune arrives at the North West sector. If your bedroom is located in the North West sector, it is recommended to hang a metal wind chime to dissolve this bad energy. The worst months will be in June 2014, July 2014 and October 2014. Another bad star 2 symbolizing Sickness will arrive in East sector in 2014. In order to dissolve this bad star 2, hang a string of six metal coins in the affected area. The bad star 3 which is a star of conflict and robbery will fall at the South East sector of the house. In order to reduce the effect, put a red or purple color object at this South East sector. Last but not least, the bad star 7 which is a star of problem associated with the talking/mouth or sex scandals, will fall in the North East sector of a house and the remedy for this problem is to use plant that grow in a glass jar of water or you can use sealed jar with rock salt inside.