According to Hsia Calendar, this year of 2013 is a year of Water Snake with Yin Water (癸) sitting on top of a Yin Fire Snake (巳). As Water and Fire Element are conflicting element, so we can predict this year will be a year of conflict. The conflict will be a bit subtle, because it is a Yin and Yin conflict.

Yin Water is the small drop of water called the “Dew”. Inside Yin Fire Snake contain Yang Fire Bing (丙) which is called the “Sun”. Dew likes to cover the Sun, which can mean this year any revolution or new project progress will be a little bit subtle because it is cover up by the dew.

Year of 2013 commences on 3rd February 2013 @ 23:19. The Chinese year calendar goes on 60-year cycle, which means we share the same experience as the year of 1953. Year of 1953 is also a year of Yin Water element sit on top of Yin Fire element. Cold War – a sustained state of political and military tension between powers in the Western Bloc against Eastern Bloc – was fused up when the CIA helps to overthrow the government of Mohammed Mossadegh in Iran, and retain Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi on the throne, and U.S. President Eisenhower approves to maintain nuclear weapon to counter the expanded communist threat.

As Yin Fire Snake (巳) is part of the “Travelling Horse” – 寅 (Yang Wood Tiger) 巳申 (Yang Metal Monkey) 亥 (Yin Water Pig) – we can expect that there will be a accidents involving the transportation especially in a train because the train can be symbolized by a snake especially in a month of 亥 and 子 (around November up to beginning of January 2014), when the 亥 clash the 巳, and 子 which contain 癸 inside will doubling the power of 癸 from the year of 2013 clashing the 丙 (Yang Fire) which is inside the 巳 (Yin Fire Snake).

寅 (Yang Wood Tiger) 巳 (Yin Fire Snake) 申 (Yang Metal Monkey) will form a fire penalty, which can means this year will have serious fire explosions and fire disasters. The month of February which is the 寅  month and the month of August which is the 申 month is the peak of this fire disasters. Instead of that, fire issues like nuclear will be more prone especially we know that North Korea and Iran is still insist on developing their nuclear weapon.

This fire penalty will also cause eyes and heart problem. 癸can means brain or creativity. Health problem which will be in focus this year of 2013 is heart, brain like stroke problem, eyes inflammation.

Water sits on Fire will cause water to be heated up, and this will cause natural disasters like tornado and hurricane, as the trigger of these disasters are heated water. As we look back on 1953, there are a lot of tornado and hurricane disasters in Texas, Michigan, Massachusetts, and South East Asia.

People who are born in the year of Snake are offending the year Snake (Tai Sui 太岁), and people who are born in the year of Pig are Sui Po (岁破) against the year of the Snake, are prone to have a lot of movement this year because Pig and Snake clash, and as I mentioned above, Pig and Snake are Travelling Star. The Grand Duke (Tai Sui) of this year is in South East 3 (157.5⁰ – 172.5⁰); hence it is not suitable to do any substantial construction work in this area for the year 2013. Year Breaker (Sui Po) of this year is North West 3 (3222.5⁰ – 337.5⁰). San sha (Three Killings) will be in the direction of East. It is not advisable to do any renovations at these sites – Three Killings (East), Tai Sui (SE3), and Sui Po (NW3).Do not sit against the Three Killings unfavourable energy.

In the year of Dragon, the bad energy called “Five Yellow” – symbolizing obstacles and misfortune arrives at the Center sector. If your bedroom is located in the Center sector, it is recommended to hang a metal wind chime to dissolve this bad energy. The worst months will be in February 2013, August 2013, and November 2013. Another bad star 2 symbolizing Sickness will arrive in South West sector in 2013. In order to dissolve this bad star 2, hang a string of six metal coins in the affected area.
Year of 2013 is a year in between of the year period from 2004 to 2024 which is called “Age of 8”. Number 8 symbolizes young children will always present in the centre of the flying star chart within the year of 2004 to 2024. That’s why a lot of disaster and misfortune will affect children within these period.

Year of 2013 will prosper Water, Wood, and Earth industries sector. Water Industries like trading, fast moving good consumer, transportation, tourism, shipping, cold storage, communication, drinks, will prosper in the year of Snake 2013. Wood Industries like fashion, flower shop, furniture, paper industry, school sector, art and culture, plantation, event organizer and modelling sector, agriculture, printing industry, will also prosper. Earth industries include mining, property, construction, insurance, real estate, hotels will also prosper

The unfavourable industry in 2013 is fire. Fire’s money element is metal, and there is total absent of metal in the year of Snake 2013. Fire industries include finance, entertainment, power plant, electricity, electronic products, energy, oil and gas, advertising, and computer. Fire industries will encounter lots of competitor within this year of 2013.