Date Selection Apps

Date Selection Apps is one of iOS Apps of my creation as my dedication to Chinese Metaphysics. This Date Selection is personal date selection for several activities like starting a relationship, business partnership, business activities, traveling activities, meetings, signing a documents, buying property, start of work, investments, start of construction, search for medical help, job search so that you can have a smooth sailing on that particular activities. You just need to enter your Date of Birth and Sex to determine your elemental energies particular on that Date of Birth then you can see when there is a love sign (e.g.) then you can start commencing your relationship or business partnership on that particular date on that particular month. This calculation is based on my experience as a Chinese Metaphysics Practitioner, when the elemental energies on particular date interact with the elemental energies on your Date of Birth, then based on these two, the app works out to set which date is best for you to commence your activities.
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